When I started my business, it involved immense amounts of prayer. I prayed that God would bless others through photography and that I would get to meet incredible people in the process. I didn't want it to be about just taking "good photos". I wanted to tell people's stories and capture a small portion of their lives. Then the Lord took my little dream and made it bigger. 

A few weeks back, I was contacted by a ministry called A Million God Stories. To this day, I have no clue how they found me. I am incredibly thankful though. Pam, the founder, shared a story of a woman named Debbie Snow and her family. In a summary, Mrs. Debbie and her son (who was three at the time) went to go check on one of their cows that had given birth that morning. While Mrs. Debbie had her back turned, the cow charged at her and her son. They were injured very badly and her son was clinging on for his life. One of her horses jumped the fence and bucked the cow off of her son...saving his and Mrs. Debbie's life. 

The horse's name is Angel. 

A Million God Stories wanted to share the Snow Family's story and asked me to help. I immediately said yes. I met up with the Snow Family at their farm. It was so great meeting them all and hearing first hand how the Lord impacted their lives through their experience. 

Please take them time to read Mrs. Debbie's story here