Oh darling, let's be adventurers.

Sam and Sarah have always been adventurers. In fact, that's how they met. Moss Rock was the perfect location for the two explorers. The rain didn't stop these two one bit! They embraced it and it made the day incredible. 

One summer Sam and Sarah individually decided to serve people in love as missionaries. Sam was going to Cambodia. Sarah was going to Ireland. In order to embark on their new journeys, their internship required them to attend a briefing conference to learn a variety of skills needed for where they were going. That's where Sam met Sarah...and then they traveled across the world in opposite directions. It didn't seem very likely that they would ever see each other again. 

However, Sam's older brother was on the team Sarah traveled with to Ireland. Once they returned home from their trips, the Ireland team had a reunion to catch up. Sam and Sarah reconnected and started dating the following summer! 

Sarah was going on a girl's weekend trip to Boone, NC. Sarah and one of her friends heard of an incredible lookout spot and got in the car to go. Once they got there, Sam came out of nowhere! As soon as Sarah saw Sam, she knew this was the big moment! Of course she said yes! The newly engaged couple then celebrated by watching the sunset over the mountains. 

Congratulations to Sam and Sarah! I can't wait for your wedding at The Barn at Shady Lane