I grew up thinking that my Nana was the most glamorous woman I had ever met. I still think that. She was and still is the life of the party. I just adore her. And she’ll probably kill me for saying this...but my sociable, fashionable, beautiful Nana is 80. And she looks amazing.

For a month or two, my mom has been raving about a new little tea room that opened up near my childhood home, The Gazebo Tea Room. This unique restaurant in Montgomery is open during lunch for tea and the atmosphere is incredible. I was a little late driving in from Birmingham, so mom and Nana were already seated by the time I got there.

The tea room was delightful. The most unique part of the restaurant, is that you get to select your own teacup and saucer from a variety of choices throughout the room. They have a few cupboards and cabinets that house their teacups and the teacup I chose reminded me of spring. The servers even pray with you before a meal. Truly unique.

Mom’s teacup actually sparked an interesting conversation at our table. It turns out that my Nana had a sugar bowl that matched the design and it was given to her by my grandfather. My grandparents were married for over 50 years and I loved my “big bill” like he had hung the moon. He was a brilliant man and I was devastated when he passed.

Nana told us that when Big Bill gave her the sugar bowl she was kind of caught off guard. My Big Bill gave my Nana the world and adored her, but he wasn’t really the romantic type. So when he did something romantic for Nana…She was always so surprised. Thinking about it now, he probably did that on purpose. Anyways, she opened the sugar bowl and inside were two tickets to the actual Sugar Bowl. How sweet! I loved watching her face light up telling the story.

I am so thankful to have moments with my grandmother. I’m thankful that she still pours love into my life without any expectations. So this one is for my Nana. Thank you for loving me and always encouraging me. I love you.