'I don't believe in magic.'
The young boy said.
The old man smiled.
'You will, when you see her.'

If you don't like spontaneity...then you definitely won't like this engagement session. If you don't like Memphis, car karaoke, laughter, impromptu break dance, cute animals, or a rad will hate this. If you love those things, keep on reading for greatness.

This is Taylor & Alli. When they met, they had both just recently moved to Memphis for a teacher residency. That's right friends, they're both teachers! Taylor's first memory of Alli was while they were leaving class one afternoon. She needed a ride back to the apartment complex where everyone lived. Alli asked Taylor for a ride and, of course, he said yes.  On the way to the apartments, Alli began teasing Taylor about his taste in music and they shared a few laughs. Next thing he knew, he was asking her to get a donut with him. That must have been a really great donut, because they've been together ever since. 

Taylor & Alli love travelling and falling in love with cities they've never been to before. However, they loved the idea of having their engagement session in Memphis even more. Memphis brought them together. They're getting married in Memphis. And they'll live in Memphis. 

When I climbed into the back seat of Taylor's car, I was treated to some car karaoke. Taylor explained that he and Alli spent a lot of time adventuring around the U.S. in his car....and they had gotten really good at singing in the process. 

We traveled all over the city that afternoon. We did a lot of people watching. Taylor & Alli danced a lot. Then, Alli tried to befriend a squirrel...they decided not to be friends. We watched an incredible sunset at the top of The Peabody Hotel. Then we all celebrated with pizza. Awesome. Day.