"You don't have time to be timid. You must be bold and daring."
-Lumiere, Beauty and the Beast

Disney. I'm obsessed. Who isn't? (don't answer that question, it was rhetorical and don't rain on my parade). In fact, my heart exploded a little bit when I started to put the images together for this blog! 

This July, Cody and I planned a week long excursion for our anniversary and it was amazing. The trip started out with us just going on a cruise...then we decided to squeeze in a little magic since we were going to be leaving from Orlando anyways. And it was the BEST decision! 

Cody had never been to Disney World before so I was extremely excited to hear his thoughts and watch his reactions! We couldn't have made this mini vacay inside our vacay happen without the help of fantastic friends. I'm pretty certain I called Mindy everyday, had Brianna help me book reservations, and channeled my inner Mads to quickly find the best fast passes. Completely worth it! 

Now obviously I couldn't/didn't want to haul my Nikon D750 into the parks. No thank you. Instead, a friend recommended bringing along the Fujifilm x70. It was the most perfect camera for the trek through the parks! 

We will never forget this trip to Disney! I lived for Cody's reactions to things and we got to visit every park in 3 days! Seriously. We had the BEST time.